Admissions are Open for 2019-20

All application for admission must be made on the prescribed forms. Application for Nursery must be submitted not later than the date indicated on the bulletin board in the school Office. There are no regular registrations for other classes and admission to these classes is made only to fill vacancies, should they occur. No student will be admitted unless he produces a Transfer Certificate from his previous school. If he has not attended a school previously, he must produce an official birth certificate. Moreover, an affidavit about the date of birth, attested by a First Class magistrate or notary Public , should be submitted on Rs.5/- Non Judicial stamped paper in addition, the parents of all applicants must sign an age declaration form guaranteeing that at no time and under no circumstances will any request be made for a change in the date of birth. No student who has not completed six years of age by April Ist will be admitted to Std. I nor will anyone who has completed six years of age. For the other classes a corresponding scale of minimum holds true i.e at least seven years but not eight for Std.3 and so on.